Saturday, August 28, 2010

Settling in

All right, so I have been MIA for more than a month. I’ve left Japan, went home and spent a glorious time with my family, friends and husband. And as you can see I’m still embarrasingly behind on blogging, so I’m going to have to catch up on the past in the future.
I arrived in San Francisco two weeks ago and moved into Yasu’s hotel room, who got here a week before me. Four days later, just before Yasu went on a school retreat, I had found us a wonderful apartment in a building from the 1920’s in a nice area right next to a BART station.
I never hoped to find something great that quickly but we were lucky. We saw a couple of apartments in the building and we ended up choosing one on the fourth floor because of the beautiful view and the stunning way they had restored everything. They just redid the original hardwood floors and they are so beautiful and shiny. The doors have the original glass doorknobs from the twenties, the ceilings are really high and there are huge strong storage boxes.
The kitchen has new granite countertops, a new huge sink, restored cabinets, original tiles on the floor, a new huge fridge and stove, and a built-in ironing board from the twenties behind a door in the breakfast nook with a view.
The bathroom is almost totally redone, but they kept the cute original tiling and there is a walk-in closet in the corner of the studio with an extra door near the front door.
After viewing the apartment together Yasu had to leave on his retreat, so I spent several days going back and forth between our hotel and our new home, to secure the apartment with the right paperwork, to sign the lease, and to make the apartment habitable.
We have the nicest building manager, he not only moved me and all our suitcases out of the hotel early, he also took me to a local PG&E office to get electricity turned on and he spent a whole day at IKEA with me to get furniture and other basics for our apartment. Then we stuffed his vintage convertible to the rim with our new stuff and he lugged almost all of our stuff up for me.
Then after Yasu came home to our new place on Sunday, the IKEA delivery men delivered all of our heavy furniture to the fourth floor late at night. We spent the rest of the week assembling our furniture, cleaning (me), attending classes and orientation (Yasu), buying more things (like kitchen appliances) and now it’s almost done.
We have all the furniture we need, but our walls are still bare and we have nothing to decorate our apartment with yet. Wednesday boxes from Japan will arrive and they may contain some decorative things, don't really remember having packed them two months ago. Otherwise, I'll just have to go shopping again :).
The kitchen is the most complete with all new appliances and an expandable table, but we still need to go grocery shopping to fill the cabinets and the fridge, and to be able to cook a meal.
We've filled the drawer chests in the bathroom and closet with clothes, new towels and stuff from our suitcases and I'm not sure where to put all the other stuff coming from Japan in those boxes on Wednesday, but I'll figure something out, besides we still have those huge storage boxes on the ceiling.
So as you can see, we're settling in nicely here in the Bay Area and I can't wait to start sewing again and get into a new daily routine.


Tyggereye said...

Glad you made the move safe! Hope your stuff gets there safe and sound. Have fun in your new place. :)

diane said...

welcome to san francisco!

so happy to see you are getting settled into your new beautiful apartment.

lots of love to you from the north bay.


Louana said...

Thanks girls!

Lia-Louise said...

Hé hé, eindelijk kan ik dan via een normale pc reageren. Keimooie meubeltjes en past helemaal in de stijl van de 20-tige jaren! Maar nu weet ik nog steeds niet wat de kleuren zijn van je servies, toch geen zwart heej! XX

Louana said...

Groen (jij noemt dat geel) en paars. x