Monday, March 07, 2011


Living on a student's budget one needs to be frugal. So we've purchased a Flowbee so we can cut Yasu's hair at home. One of his classmates has one and told Yasu all about it. We looked it up online and the website looked a bit suspicious, especially since all the pictures they use are from the eighties or something and that just doesn't look good anymore. But after watching some videos on Youtube of happy customers using it and the raving reviews on Amazon, we decided to go for it. 
It arrived today! We were anxious to try it out but weren't sure it would work with our little and quite weak dirt devil. The manual says it needs at least an 8 amp vacuum, and ours is only 1.25 amp, but we're pretty stubborn and tried anyway, and it worked!
The dirt devil sucks the hair up into the cutting device and the attached spacers make sure all the hair gets cut at the same length. The vacuum also sucks up all the cut hair right leaving you with no mess at all! Yasu's hair is pretty thick and was pretty long when we started so it took me about an hour (guess this would have been quicker with a stonger vacuum) but I did it, I cut Yasu's hair at home and it looks good. Actually this Flowbee haircut is the best haircut he's gotten since we got to the States! 
Now he can have his hair cut more frequently so it will never be that long again, which means quicker haircuts, because the long hair was the hardest to cut. And he will never be covered in hundreds of itchy hairs after a visit to the hair dresser again, and spread them all over the apartment, I really hated that, I could never understand why hair dressers here don't use some kind of special dirt devil to vacuum the customer after a haircut. And most importantly those hair dressers will never be able to give him a bad haircut again that make his head look like an upside down pyramid.

And this is what he looked like this morning with his hair all gelled up, handsome and happy! 
It went so well, I'm seriously thinking of doing this to myself...

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jessie b said...

haha. the pictures are from the 80s/90s cuz that's when it came out. but it still did a good job on him :)